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My name's Owen and I've been doing this for 30 years.

Owen at work hand painting a western town facade general store sign.

Owen at work hand painting a western town facade general store sign.

I’ve always loved the American Old West and the cowboy way of life. I hope it shows in my work and you see something that inspires a custom piece for you.

I’m a realist as with most western artists. I use my God-given talent to share my thoughts, life experiences, family traditions and lifestyle in a variety of mediums.

If sharing my passion for the Cowboy lifestyle and the American West brings out the adventurous spirit in you, well, thanks! I did it right.

More About Owen

Owen Trogon’s art has been influenced by his family and friends, who are cattle ranchers in southern California, and his time spent as a working cowboy in northern California and northern Arizona.

Owen uses a variety of mediums. Charcoal for his fine art and portraits, oil and water base for murals, cut-outs and signage and a variety of hard and soft woods for his rustic woodwork and saloon doors. With the ability to custom brand any design, Owen customizes to the needs of his clients to be sure they have a “one of a kind” item—from drawings to a complete western town facade.

Owen's work is displayed on and in many  homes and businesses across the United States as well as Canada and Sweden.


A FEw of my happy clients