An eye catcher like no other!

Showcase your business with hand-painted signs or life size cutouts.

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Why choose traditional sign painting?


• Custom lettering brings warmth and charm

• Turn a drab interior or exterior facade into a showcase for your business

• Create a photo opportunity for your guests and customers


Custom Signs

Traditional sign painting is a dying art, but I'm not dead yet! Draw attention to your business with a hand-painted, durable sign. Just like my larger projects, all signs are made with high quality sign board and long-lasting oil-based paint.

LIfe Size cutouts

Life size or larger, my life sized cutouts can be attached to any wall, fence, or free standing building with reinforced backing. Clients have used these life size cutouts as roadside signs, pool cue holders, photo props for events and tourist attractions as well as interior decor for themed restaurants, bars and retail shops.


Most signs and cutouts can be made in my shop and shipped to your business, but on-site installation is also available upon request.


A few of my favorite projects