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Custom work is not as simple as it may seem, but I try to make it easy. Read on for more information about how I do business.


Do you have products that I can buy right now?

All pieces are 100% custom, hand made originals. That said, I can recreate most artwork from any of my pages on this website. Just let me know what you like, and I can make it for you.

How can I get a quote for my project?

Call me at (512) 375-7854 or request a quote online.  I can typically provide an estimate within a few days for residential projects. Please allow more time for commercial or complicated projects.

Can I see the design before I purchase?

Yes, sketches with detailed measurements will be made and approved by you prior to beginning the project. I typically ask for a small design fee prior to making sketches, but can waive the fee if you're committed to a purchase.

When do you require payment?

Due to the custom nature of my work, saloon doors must be paid up front in full prior to beginning work. Big jobs like facades or murals are typically half down up front, 25 percent half way through project and 25 percent upon completion. 

That said, everything is negotiable!

What if I want to return my purchase?

Due to the custom nature of my work, all sales are final.

How do I know your saloon doors will fit in my doorway?

Every door is different, so measuring once, then measuring again is very important. Before I begin work on your project, I'll guide you through taking proper measurements of your doorframe, then before shipment I'll confirm final measurements before sending.

Are your saloon doors easy to install?

Most handymen can typically install my doors in less than an hour.

What kind of hinges do you recommend for my saloon door?

I prefer gravity hinges, as they are quiet and close slowly. Spring loaded hinges have more of a traditional feel, but are not recommended if you have young children at home or at your place of business.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is always included with your custom quote. What I quote you will always be the final price, unless changes are requested mid-project.

Are you available to provide installation for my project?

Yes, on-site installation is available upon request and can be included in your quote.